Our commitment to a better world.

Our commitment to a better world.

Our commitment to a better word

At Blue Elephant Gift Company we are committed to making a better future for our planet and believe every little step makes for a more beautiful world.

We understand that being ethical and sustainable is a journey, and so is making deep, lasting change. We also know we have a lot to do – we’re not there yet on some things, but we are working on it. As part of that journey, we’re always on the lookout for ways that we can be innovative and strive for a future where everybody wins.

We have made our pledge to the race to zero campaign working towards an emission-free economy the aims are to halve our greenhouse gas emissions before 2030 and achieve net zero emissions before 2050 – If you want to find out more information - https://racetozero.unfccc.int/

Here are some of the ways our small business works towards saving  the planet and making a better world.

We believe small changes to becoming greener can be very impactful and results come from showing commitment to being eco-friendly.

Most of our  products are made in-house or purchased from small British businesses with the same ethos as ourselves – reducing the carbon footprint. On the few occasions we do purchase from other countries we only use fair trade suppliers.

Our packaging is mostly recyclable with minimum use of plastic  - our aim is to completely stop using plastic and this will become a reality in the future.

Most of our product are suitable for vegans and none of our cosmetic products are tested on animals.

All our in-house products are made in our home workshops - again reducing the carbon footprint as we have no trips to work.

We use all LED bulbs, have a smart meter to monitor energy usage and leave none of our equipment on standby just wasting energy.

Whenever we replace a piece of equipment we use energy efficiency as a key consideration in our selection process.

During our working day we drink water from refillable cups.

We do have recycling bins, however where ever possible we use as much leftover card and paper to help with packaging -even using this as shred in our fabulous gift boxes.

All unwanted materials or product seconds are offered to charities.

So step by step Blue Elephant Gift Company is taking small steps to a beautiful planet  - Why not join us ……..